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You are what you eat. This idiom means your health depends on what you eat. If you eat healthy foods, you will be healthy. If you eat unhealthy foods, such as potato chips, you will be unhealthy. Nutritionists have long agreed the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest, but some nutritionists say the Japanese diet beats out the Mediterranean diet. A nutritionist is an expert who advises on the types of food that are nutritious (healthful). To beat out someone or something means to be better than the other. I love Japanese food but have now gone off raw sushi. The expression “gone off” used this way means to no longer like it.

The Mediterranean diet refers to the types of food people in Mediterranean countries eat. Mediterranean countries are those with a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, such as Italy, Greece, and Croatia. The New York Times recently published an article explaining the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. A panel of experts for US News & World Report this year again named the Mediterranean diet as the healthiest. It’s been voted as the best diet for six years in a row. It’s not a diet specifically for weight loss. It’s a diet based on the lifestyle of Mediterranean people who mostly eat healthy foods.

The Mediterranean diet prioritizes vegetables, nuts, fruits, olive oil, whole grains, and seafood such as salmon, tuna, and sardines. Lean meats, such as chicken, are sometimes eaten. Beef is rarely eaten. Eggs, yogurt, and cheese are eaten in moderation. A glass of wine is acceptable. I will try the Mediterranean diet but will have more than one glass of wine!

You are what you eat. 這句成語的意思是,你的健康取決於你吃甚麼。若你吃的是健康食物,你就會健康;若你吃不健康的食物,例如薯片,你就會不健康。營養師們(nutritionists)長久以來都認同地中海飲食(Mediterranean diet)是最健康的,但一些營養師(nutritionists)則說,日本飲食更勝(beats out)地中海飲食(Mediterranean diet)。A nutritionist就是營養學家,建議你哪些食物是有營養的(nutritious)。To beat out someone or something就是能擊敗某人或某事,比對方更勝一籌。我喜愛日本食物,但現在已經 gone off魚生壽司——習語“gone off”在這裏是指不再喜歡了。

The Mediterranean diet是指地中海國家的人會吃的食物。地中海國家就是地中海沿岸,有着海岸線的國家,例如意大利、希臘和克羅地亞。《紐約時報》最近刊登了一篇文章,闡述地中海飲食(Mediterranean diet)的健康裨益。《美國新聞與世界報道》的專家小組,今年亦再度確定地中海飲食(Mediterranean diet)為最健康的。它已經連續6年獲投選為最佳飲食了。它並非專為減重而設的一套飲食,而是以地中海居民的生活模式為基礎,他們普遍吃健康的食物。

地中海飲食(Mediterranean diet)優先選吃蔬菜、果仁、水果、橄欖油、全榖,以及如三文魚、吞拿魚和沙甸魚等的海鮮;有時也會吃些瘦肉,例如雞肉,很少吃牛肉;適量地吃蛋、乳酪和芝士;一杯葡萄酒是可以的。我會試試地中海飲食(Mediterranean diet),但會喝多於一杯葡萄酒![email protected]
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧