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What happened in a small town in the US state of Texas last week made me sick to my stomach. I was in complete shock and disbelief. A teenager who had just turned 18 bought an AR-15 rifle. Days later he used it to shoot his grandmother and then went to an elementary (primary) school where he massacred 19 children and two teachers. Police eventually killed the gunman. I couldn」t bring myself to watch the tearful parents on the TV news. It makes me sick to my stomach that US laws allow an 18-year-old to buy a gun but do not allow an 18-year-old to buy alcohol. It makes no sense.

The expression 「sick to the stomach」 has several meanings. It can mean you feel very sick and want to vomit. It can also mean you are very angry or upset about something. If you are in shock and disbelief it means you are so shocked about something you cannot believe it happened. The word 「massacre」 means killing a lot of people. If you can」t bring yourself to do something it means you can」t make yourself do something because you know it will be sad or embarrassing to do it. I was very angry and upset, or sick to the stomach, when so many children were massacred.

No country allows citizens to legally buy guns except the US. The Second Amendment of the US Constitution, written 250 years ago, gives citizens the right to bear arms, just like the First Amendment which guarantees free speech, the right to peaceful protest, and the right to choose your religion. The expression 「bear arms」 means to carry weapons. More than 81 million Americans, about 32 percent, have guns. Americans say they need guns to protect against criminals with guns. That is logical but it is more logical to make it harder to buy guns. The US Congress has for decades refused to approve laws to do that even though gun violence is increasing. Just two weeks ago another 18-year-old massacred 10 people in a New York supermarket.

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上星期在美國德州一個小鎮所發生的事,令我非常難過(sick to my stomach)。我完全震驚得難以置信(shock and disbelief)。一名剛滿十八歲的青年,買了支AR-15半自動步槍。數天後,他用這支步槍槍傷其祖母,然後去一間小學(elementary school),屠殺(massacred)十九名小童及兩名教師。警方最終擊斃槍手。我實在不忍(couldn」t bring myself to)直視電視新聞報道裏那些哭泣的父母。美國法律不容許十八歲人士買酒,卻容許十八歲人士買槍,這令我很惡心(sick to my stomach),當中毫無道理可言。

習語「sick to the stomach」有幾個意思,它可以指你感到很不舒服、反胃、想吐;它也可以指你對某事感到非常憤怒或難過。若你是 in shock and disbelief,它的意思是你對某事感到非常震驚,不能相信事情真的如此發生。Massacre是指屠殺很多人。若你can't bring yourself to do something,意即你實在沒辦法強逼自己去做(can't make yourself do)某事,因為你知道去做某事會令你太悲傷,又或很尷尬。有這麼多小孩遭殘殺(massacred),我很憤怒又很難過,或說 sick to the stomach。

除了美國,沒有國家會容許市民合法買槍。二百五十年前所寫的美國憲法第二修正案,賦予市民權利去持有及攜帶武器(bear arms),一如第一修正案確立言論自由、和平集會的權利,以及自由信教的權利。習語「bear arms」即持有及攜帶武器。超過八千一百萬名美國人,即約百分之三十二的人口擁有槍械。美國人說,他們需要槍械去保護自己,對抗持槍的罪犯;這是合理的,但更合理的是,要令人不那麼輕易買到槍械。即使槍械暴力持續增加,美國國會過去幾十年來卻一直拒絕通過法案去限制人買槍。就在兩個星期前,另一名十八歲青年就在一個紐約超級市場內槍擊殘殺(massacred)了十個人。
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧