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It was evening when my Taipei to Hong Kong flight landed at Hong Kong’s airport. Returning to the city where I was born after being away for two years brought a rush of emotions. I breezed through immigration and customs. The taxi driver who took me to my Wanchai serviced apartment recognized me from my TV shows even though I had stopped doing the shows two years ago. He was a chatterbox. Looking out the window of the taxi brought back a flood of memories. The chatterbox driver talked about the changes in Hong Kong in the past few years. I tipped him HK$50 for being so friendly. He smiled and thanked me.

If you have a rush of emotions, it means you feel different types of emotions. To breeze through something means to do it very easily and successfully. A chatterbox is a person who talks a lot. A flood of memories means a lot of memories suddenly going through your mind and affecting you. My 19th floor Wanchai serviced apartment is a studio with a tiny balcony facing south on one side and north on the other. I can see Hopewell Centre and parts of the Peak on one side and the Central Plaza on the other.

Seeing all the lit-up buildings again from the balcony thrilled me so much that I videoed it to share with relatives and friends. I showered, had a whiskey nightcap, and went to bed. A nightcap is a hot or alcoholic drink before bedtime. Something very annoying happened to me the next morning. I will tell you about it in my next column.
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我從台北飛往香港的航班降落香港機場的時候是晚上。離開了兩年,再回到我出生的地方,令我百感交集(rush of emotions)。我輕鬆地通過(breezed through)入境和海關。載我到灣仔服務式住宅的那名的士司機認得我是電視節目主持,雖然我兩年前已經沒有再做電視節目了。他是個話匣子(chatterbox)。望向的士車窗外,回憶一一湧現(flood of memories)。那位喋喋不休(chatterbox)的司機談到過去幾年香港的變化。他非常友善,因此我給了他五十元貼士。他笑笑道謝。

若你有a rush of emotions,意即你百感交集、心神激盪。To breeze through something即你非常輕鬆和順利地完成某事。A chatterbox就是健談、喋喋不休的人。A flood of memories就是腦海中突然湧現許多回憶,令你思潮起伏。我那灣仔服務式住宅單位在十九樓,是個開放式單位,帶有一個小露台,一邊向南,一邊向北。一邊我可以見到合和中心和部份山頂景色,另一邊則看到中環廣場。

在露台見到萬家燈火令我興奮得要拍片跟親友分享。我洗過澡、喝杯威士忌nightcap,就上牀睡覺了。A nightcap是指睡前喝的一杯熱飲或酒。翌日早上,一件非常惱人的事卻發生在我身上。我會在下一篇文章中跟大家說。
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Michael Chugani 褚簡寧