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In a recent column I wrote about a new study that conflicted with other studies about the health benefits of drinking wine. Earlier studies showed moderate drinking, such as one or two glasses of wine daily, benefits health. But a new study showed moderate alcohol consumption has no health benefits. There are now conflicting opinions about the health benefits of chocolate. I have read many studies that showed eating dark chocolate has health benefits. I used to eat a small piece of dark chocolate daily until my doctor told me to stop because I have a problem with my digestive system.

The New York Times interviewed several health experts about the health benefits of chocolate. One heart specialist said he was sold on the benefits of eating chocolate. If you are sold on something, it means you are very enthusiastic about it. He said cocoa is good for health but whether chocolate is good for health depends on how much cocoa it contains. Chocolate is made from cocoa, which is obtained from the beans of the cacao tree. The scientific name for cacao translates to food of the gods. Milk chocolate contains only about 20 percent cocoa. The heart specialist said for possible health benefits, people should choose dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa.

The New York Times pointed to some studies that showed dark chocolate or cocoa supplements can lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol and health of blood vessels. But other studies showed eating chocolate has no health benefits and people who eat chocolate regularly will gain weight. These studies will be a blow (disappointment) to chocolate lovers.


《紐約時報》就着朱古力的健康益處訪問了幾位健康專家,一位心臟科專家說他很熱衷於吃朱古力的好處(sold on the benefits of eating chocolate)。若你是 sold on something,意即你對某事物很熱心。他說可可對健康有益,但朱古力是否對健康有益,則取決於它含有多少可可。朱古力是以可可製成的,取自可可樹(cacao tree)的豆。Cacao的學名翻譯出來的意思是「眾神的食物」(food of the gods)。牛奶朱古力只有大約20%的可可。那位心臟專家說,要想有潛在的健康裨益,人們應選取含至少70%可可的黑朱古力。

《紐約時報》表明,一些研究顯示,黑朱古力或可可保健品可以降血壓,以及改善膽固醇水平和血管的健康。然而有其他研究顯示,吃朱古力並無健康裨益,恆常吃朱古力的人士會發胖。這些研究對於朱古力愛好者而言都是一大打擊(be a blow)。
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