Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - a death wish.|又中又英

It seems to me the Hong Kong government has a death wish. Why else does it still insist on a tough coronavirus policy when the rest of the world except mainland China has already moved on? It’s been three years since the pandemic started. Masks, compulsory testing, quarantine, and restrictions on entering places such as bars and restaurants have become a thing of the past globally. Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China are alone in thinking they can get the better of the coronavirus. Taiwan, where I am now visiting, has no restrictions except the wearing of masks. The government plans to gradually ease mask rules starting next month so it can move on like the rest of the world.

A death wish is a desire to die or a feeling of wanting to die. The expression “a thing of the past” means something that no longer happens or exists. To get the better of something or someone means to defeat that person or thing. China believes it can defeat the coronavirus with its zero Covid policy. Hong Kong believes it can get the better of the virus with compulsory wearing of masks, numerous Covid tests for arrivals, quarantine for those who test positive, and restrictions on entering certain places.

Such a policy seems like a death wish to me because it can destroy the economy. I read a media report that said Hong Kong’s bar and restaurant industry has lost hope for the Christmas and New Year holidays because tourists are not coming despite easing of some coronavirus rules. Locals are going abroad for the holidays. The government needs new thinking.
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在我看來,香港政府似乎是一心求死(a death wish)。否則還有甚麼原因,令它在全世界,除了中國內地,都已向前走之際,依然堅持嚴苛的防疫政策?這場世紀大疫症爆發至今已經三年了。口罩、強制檢測、隔離,以及限制進入酒吧和食肆,在全球均已成為過去(a thing of the past),獨餘香港、澳門和中國內地以為它們可以戰勝(get the better of)新冠肺炎病毒。我現在到訪的台灣,除了要戴口罩以外,已經沒有任何限制措施了。政府計劃在下個月開始,逐漸放寬戴口罩的規定,好讓它能像世界其他地方一樣,繼續往前行。

A death wish是有求死的心 、感覺想死 、找死。習語「a thing of the past」是指某事物已成過去,不再發生或存在。To get the better of something or someone是指去打敗某事或某人。中國相信它可以用清零政策去打敗新冠肺炎病毒。香港相信它透過強制戴口罩、抵港旅客的許多核酸檢測、隔離檢測陽性人士,以及限制進入特定的場所,得以戰勝(get the better of)病毒。

但這樣的政策,在我看來像找死(a death wish)一樣,因為它可以摧毀經濟。我讀到有傳媒報道指,香港的酒吧食肆業,對於聖誕和新年假期,已經失去了希望,因為儘管放寬了某些防疫政策,旅客都不會來港,而本地人更會到外地度假。政府需要新思維。
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧