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As a young boy I loved science fiction books. My favourite science fiction book was The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells which was made into a movie. It's about aliens from Mars invading Earth. The word“alien”used this way means creatures from other planets. I read several news reports recently about things that would have been science fiction when I was a boy but are real now. They were about flying electric cars, a spacecraft that smashed into an asteroid, and a huge new rocket to return humans to the moon and from there to Mars. Asteroids are moving space rocks.

A decade ago a startup company called Kittyhawk, which is financially supported by Google co-founder Larry Page, planned on building electric-powered flying taxis. Kittyhawk built a prototype(preliminary model)of a flying taxi. But the company recently said it would end its imaginative project. Experts agree flying cars are possible but more powerful batteries must first be developed. Last month NASA, America's space agency, used a spacecraft that was launched last November to chase a small asteroid seven million miles from earth. The asteroid was not a danger to Earth but NASA smashed the spacecraft into it anyway.

It wanted to prove it could hit and change the direction of asteroids in case asteroids were on a collision course with Earth. The expression“collision course”means two objects, such as cars, heading towards and hitting each other. NASA has also been trying to test a new rocket that would eventually carry astronauts back to the moon. Weather and mechanical problems delayed the launch. NASA landed a total of 12 astronauts on the moon in the 1960s and 1970s. But its new spaceships are far more advanced. Science fiction is becoming reality!




它想證明,要是小行星走進與地球相撞的軌跡(collision course)上,它可以擊中並轉變小行星的運行方向。習語collision course是指兩樣事物,例如車輛,迎頭相向並撞上對方。太空總署也在試驗一個新的火箭,這支火箭最終會載太空人回到月球。天氣及機械問題延誤了火箭發射。

Michael Chugani褚簡寧